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Frequently Asked Questions about Weddings At Stone Rows Farm  


Q.  How big is SRF?

A.  216 Acres


Q.  Where can we have our Ceremony?

A.  You may have you ceremony anywhere with in the confines of the allowed space of the property.


Q.  What is included in our package?

A.  Please refer to our Weddings tab here to see what is included.


Q.  Do we need event liability insurance?

A.  Yes.  A minimum of 5 million dollars in event liability insurance must be obtained and present to SRF on month prior to the final       payment being due.  All of your vendor (caterers, bartenders, etc must have liability insurance and/or the proper licenses to serve alcohol. You may bring in your own alcohol to serve to your guest but an additional rider on your Event Liability policy must be present to include alcohol use.   


Q.  Are Fireworks and or sparklers allowed?

A.  Fireworks are not permitted per NJ State law


Q.  Are dogs allowed?

A.  Pets are not allowed on the property


Q.   Are there an animals on the Farm?

A.  Yes.  There are 13 head of Hereford beef cattle, three sheep, three goats and multiple barn cats.  The goats love attention and to be pet.  All of the animals are in their designated fenced in areas.  Guest are not permitted to enter into their pens.


Q.  Where is the closet Hotel?

A.  The closet hotel is the Rodeway Inn and Suites in New Hope which is 10 minutes away.  Other hotels can be found in Flemington which is 20 - 25 minute away.  There are a handful of local inns and B&Bs in the area as well. 


Q.  How many people can SRF entertain?  

A.  The Reception Barn can accommodate up to 150 people max.  


Q.  Are bonfires allowed?

A.  No


Q.  Are the grounds and houses handicap accessible.  

A.  Bathrooms can be ADA accessible upon request.   The reception barn is packed stone and most of the cocktail areas are grass.  


Q.  What do we do if it rains?

A.  You always have to have a backup plan with outdoor venues if it rains.  What we suggest is that if you do not have an extra tent, you perform the ceremony and reception in the reception barn.   Generally a good rule of thumb in our area is that if the weather report is only calling for a chance of showers, then the storm will come in and blow out in an hour.  If they are calling for rain all weekend, put your backup plan in effect.


Have a questions that you don't see an answer for here, Email us through the contacts page.  Thanks




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